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Contact center

Information on obtaining information and reference services by the telephone communication means

Honorable business entities and citizens!

You can get information and reference services online by calling the Contact Center of the State Tax Service by the phone number:

0 800 501 007

(free of charge from landline phones, from mobile phones – at rates of mobile operators).

For convenience of receiving informational and reference services by the telephone and possibility of choosing desired direction of services using answering machine, the telephone must work in the tone dialing mode.

The tone dialing mode means that when You press any button on the telephone, a short melodic beep should sound in the handset. Characteristic "click" sound dialing a number means that the telephone is working in pulse dialing mode.

To switch the telephone to tone mode, You need to press the [*] – asterisk button or turn switch on the telephone body/on the handset to the "Tone" position.

If the specified actions did not give results, You should familiarize yourself with instructions for using the telephone device.

It is not necessary to transfer mobile phones to the tone mode.

Dial telephones do not have tone dialing.

For information and reference services during the martial law, call daily from 8:00 to 19:00, Friday from 8:00 to 18:00 (except for Saturdays and Sundays).

Information provided by the answering machine is organized by directions in the two-level IVR:

I IVR level

Button 0 - levy from the one-time (special) voluntary declaration.

Button 1 – value added tax.

Button 2 – personal income tax, military levy, single social contribution.

Button 3 – software RRO/PRRO, cash settlements and simplified taxation system.

Button 4 – other information and reference services.

II IVR level

Button 1 – excise tax, tax debt, licensing of production and turnover of alcohol, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and fuel;

Button 2 – income tax;

Button 3 – environmental tax, rent payment, accounting of payers;

Button 4 – land payment, real estate tax, other local taxes and levies, state customs duty, foreign exchange tax, appeal of decisions;

Button 5 – rights and obligations, responsibility, movement of goods to/ from the Joint Forces Operation zone;

Button 6 – digital signature services;

Button 7 – cancellation of digital signature in the telephone mode in presence of the owner’s identification data of certificate and the key phrase of voice authentication.

I IVR level

Button 5 – "Pulse" service, leave notification to citizens about violations of requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On corruption prevention", as well as provide information according to the Law of Ukraine "On purification of power".

II IVR level

Button 1 – leave information on the "Pulse" service;

Button 2 – leave notification for citizens about possible facts of corruption or corruption-related offenses committed by employees of the State Tax Service and its bodies, other violations of the Law of Ukraine "On corruption prevention ";

Button 3 – inform about a person, in respect of whom verification is being carried out, regarding extension of prohibitions according to the Law of Ukraine "On purification of power".

Button 6 – leave oral appeal according to the Law of Ukraine "On citizens’ appeals ".

Button 7 – for notification of illegal refusal to carry out cashless payments using bank payment methods, sale of alcoholic beverages during the martial law.

Button 8 – questions about the electronic reporting processing status.

For independent search for answer to question, You need to go to the Public Information and Reference Resource on the Internet or to web portal of the State Tax Service in section "Public Information and Reference Resource" or send question to the e-mail address:

Citizens who are outside Ukraine can call to the Contact Center of the State Tax Service from a landline or mobile phone by number: +380 44 454 16 13.


Information for individuals and legal entities on sending e-mails to the Information and Reference Department

If You want to send questions/messages to the email address

Please note that technical capabilities of the Information and Telecommunication System of the Information and Reference Department do not allow receiving e-mails larger than 976 KB or 1 million symbols. Therefore, sending the e-mail, You need to consider volume of text, images, attached files, etc.

In addition, it is necessary to clearly formulate question and OBLIGATORY specify the identifier of direction of question in the "Topic" field.

If You have several questions for different field identifiers, please send questions in separate e-mails indicating relevant field identifiers of questions:

Identifier of direction of the question

Direction for obtaining information and reference services on:


Software RRO




Corporate income tax

Transfer pricing


Income tax

Income tax of business entities

Income tax of self-employed individuals involved in independent professional activity

Single contribution

Military levy


Excise tax

Licensing of production and turnover of alcohol, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and fuel

Repayment of taxpayers’ tax debt


Single tax

Procedure for using registrars of settlement operations


Accounting of taxpayers

Ecological tax

Rent payment for special water use

Rental payment for use of radio frequency resource of Ukraine

Rent payment for special use of forest resources

Rent payment for the transportation of oil and products by main pipelines and petroleum product pipelines, transit transportation of ammonia by pipelines across Ukraine

Rent for the subsoil use

Other levies (payments, contributions), not established by the Tax Code of Ukraine as national or local, but established by legislative acts of Ukraine as mandatory payments


Land payment

Real estate other than land tax

Transport tax

Levy for parking spaces for vehicles

Tourist tax

Foreign economic activity

State duty

Appealing decisions of regulatory bodies


Levy from the one-time (special) voluntary declaration

Rights and obligations of taxpayers




Information about the "Pulse" service

Notification of the presence of unreliable/outdated information, methodological or technical problems in the operation of electronic services or systems on the web portal/sub-sites of the State Tax Service, information on minimizing payment of taxes, levies, single contribution, suggestions for normative legal acts on taxation, etc.




For information about legislative changes


For refusal to receive information about legislative changes